I was in the market for an lcd tv, so i was looking around and finally found one that will suit my needs. Everything is cheaper online, but its hard to find a site that you can trust.. anyone with basic html capabilities can throw together a website that says they sell electronics. So i did some research on buydig.com and found out through various means that this site is legit, and sells what they say they sell (not a bait and switch site).
The prices are outstanding for a site with so much credibility.
a 32" sharp aquos 32d43u was $705.
My local circuit city had the same tv for $1699. (im not bullshitting it really was $1699)
The site has free shipping on everything... it uses fed-ex and gives you a tracking number.
I paid for the tv monday morning (2 am), it was at my house on wednesday afternoon (new york to indiana=2 days).
i got a call a week after i got the tv from buydig.com asking if i had any questions about setting it up. they didnt try to sell me anything else, it was simply a courtesy call.
So to sum it up, i would and plan on buying more from this company.