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    I'm selling a Datel Tool Battery (Padora Battery) for the Slim PSP, pics below. You can use it to downgrade your PSP and/or Unbrick your bricked PSP, its a great product, adult owned used only once, in excellant condition. It makes your PSP go into service mode so I don't know if you can use it as a regular PSP battery. Asking price is $50 including shipping if within the US. Otherwise we can negotiate.

    The Package itself

    The Battery in the boxes compartment

    Comparison of the TOOL Battery to a Slim PSPs 3.6v 1200 mAh battery.

    Intructions that come with the TOOL Battery

    Reply to this thread or PM me if you are seriously interested in purchasing the battery.

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    why so much ($50)??

    I would pay $36 ($6 s/h).


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    Overnight shipping!...You get it the next day!

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    lol who wants a slim datel is my question...if you buy a fat datel, u can put any psp ever made into service mode, with the slim batt, u can only put teh slim into teh service mode.
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    Do you still have a Datel battery available? If you do, will it work for a standart/Fat PSP? I can offer $50.00 flat, but I can't pay until mid-January.
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    Yes I have two up for sale both are slims. I don't know 100&#37; if it would work on the Fat, but I'm pretty sure it would because the only difference is the thickness of the battery. It would fit in fat PSP otherwise you'd have to hold the battery in place while you unbrick or downgrade your PSP which isn't too bad as it only takes a couple of minutes.

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    I am not sure about Datel Tool Batteries but a slim battery will not turn a phat psp on. I highly doubt this will work on a phat psp.
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    Nice how ur packaging is all together, seemed like ups decided to check my package and cut open the box and what not.......

    Forgot to say, the airseal bag the box was in had a tire mark on it, like someone ran it over...............3 fucking times

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    Hey man, any chance you have another one of these available? or can refer me to where you bought them, I have a Slim PSP-2001 (Silver) and really I don't want to mess with the battery, but my computer has a Memory stick pro duo drive so i don't need my psp to access the battery.

    Also, i have an autoinstaller to make my 4 GB magicgate sandisk MS Pro duo a 'magicstick'. I have cash to offer as well as offically bought Playstation store games for PSP and PS3. (can upload upto 5 and i've used only one)

    Anyways, any help i can get to aquire one of these slim datel tool batteries, I'm willing to pay $50 or negotiate if more is nessicary.

    You can e-mail me at Thank you


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    um.. i have used this battery to hack 3 psp's and just for those that dont realize.. the psp phat will fry any slim battery if you stick them in your psp..

    i did this with out knowing to 2 slim battery's and a tool battery. only a 1800 or higher will survive in a phat... so if your tool battery is 1200 and you are thinking about hacking a phat... it will work.. all you need to do is put the battery in and then plug ur psp in to the wall... but you will no longer have a tool battery.

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