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    Go to the thread in Mac mods, please....Mods, please delete this thread.

    I've got this G3 PowerBook which I believe is also known as a Pismo. Here are the specs:

    500 MHz
    256MB RAM
    80GB Hard Drive replaced the 12GB drive
    Firewire, of course
    DVD drive
    Looks almost new surprisingly
    1MB Cache
    8MB Video
    OS X 10.3.9

    I'm looking to step up to a G4 laptop that will perform better. I'll put it on eBay when I persuade my dad to let me do that. He didn't want me to put OS X on it, and still wants to have this around to run OS 9. I just have to temporarily get it back to the 12GB drive and put OS 9 on that drive again and all is good to go. I love this thing, but a G4 sounds so sweet. I would sell the charger (worth $70 alone) with it and of course the battery and DVD drive, so it works just as I use it.

    How much do you think I could get for this?
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