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    Ive got a Sony PSP that I don't play anymore. Its in good shape with scratches on the screen that are only visable while the PSP is turned off.
    It comes with all the power cords, cables etc., 6 games, and a memory card.

    Madden 07'
    NCAA 07'
    Grand Theft Auto Vice city stories
    ATV Offroad Fury Pro
    Socom US Navy Seals Fire Team Bravo 2
    Need for Speed Most Wanted 5-1-0

    The PSP can be used to store pictures, videos, and watch movies.

    It does need a little work done on the joy stick sometimes it will stick.

    Id like to get about $150 for everything shipped.

    Please e-mail at I can ship out tomarrow so you can have it by Christmas if its payed for through paypal.


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    Yea, im legit I just need the money for more Jeep parts.

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    Its a 1001k or whatever its called. I dont know what the big deal with that is but I have had people ask me if thats what its was or not.

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    Well all I know is that its in pretty good shape, I cant remember what the firmware is, and whats does the motheboard, and hardware consist of?

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