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    I just got a psp slim and am in need of the magic memory stick with software and preferably the 3.71 m33-4 firmware

    I can get the datel tool battery for the pandora battery part of it, unless someone has a cheap battery with the memory card.

    I would have no problems with buying a card myself and mailing it to someone to have it moded but i also am willing to pay someone for a bit of there time to purchase it themselves and mod it then mail it to me, I live in the US. If nothing else it saves some time for both of us.


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    I will send you a PM.....check your inbox.
    3.60>3.71 M33-2>3.71 M33-3>SOLD!>3.60>3.71 M33-2>3.71 M33-3>SOLD!

    8 Billion dollars wasted. Increased federal spending led to increased use.Time to stop?
    Very Funny STUFF FOR SALE!

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    Thanks for the quick reply

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    Why not just make your own?

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