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    No time for PSP in college, so I'm selling everything. Picture is in the ebay link.

    SONY PSP EXCELLENT CONDITION + MANY EXTRAS! - eBay (item 120207288623 end time Jan-16-08 16:51:21 PST)

    This PSP System is priced to sell very quickly. It includes the PSP in near perfect condition/near mint condition with little or no scratches at all. It is loaded with the latest hacked firmware along with 5 games for it including their original packaging and manuals as well as an added bonus of Final Fantasy Advent Children Special Edition movie in both DVD and UMD format. Some items are missing from the original core like the 32MB memory stick, but I will instead include a 512MB gaming memory disc that is MUCH larger. Since I don't include the soft case, an even better Logitec Hard Case is included. I also include the longer USB cable from the PSP manager, but not the original.

    PSP (EXCELLENT condition hacked and loaded with PSP 3.71 M33 custom firmware)
    Wired Remote
    AC Adapter/Wall Charger
    Unused Microfiber Cloth

    NOT INCLUDED WITH VALUE PACK - What I Throw in to Compensate:
    32MB Memory Stick - (To Compensate: 512 MB Sandisc Gaming Memory Stick)
    Soft Case - (To Compensate: Logitec Hard Case)
    USB to PSP Connector - (Longer USB to PSP Connector BRAND NEW UNOPENED in PSP Media Manager box)
    PSP Headphones

    Loco Roco
    Ys: Ark of Napishtim
    Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror
    Monster Hunter: Freedom
    Wipeout Pure

    BONUS 1 UMD Movie Included:
    Final Fantasy Advent Children

    BONUS 1 DVD Movie Included:
    Final Fantasy Advent Children 2-Disc Special Edition

    Additional Accessories:
    Logitec Hard Case
    512MB Sandisk Memory Stick Duo
    3 UMD Hard Plastic Cases

    Additional Software:
    PSP Media Manager (Includes Unopened USB to PSP Connector)

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    i'm just intrested in the umd of FFVII: advent children. would u be willing to sell it seperately?? how much would u sell it 4?
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    Great offer. I hope you get alot of bids.

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    Your link doesnt work anymore...

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