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    One unpatched Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (open)

    and unpatched Lumines: (sealed).

    I am looking for $25 for each, or $40 for both + S&H.

    I am only selling it to people I believe I can trust, no paypal, I will only accept cash or check (preferably cash). I will ship with UPS.

    Lumines: ULUS 10002
    GTA:LCS ULUS 10041 (Update 2.00)

    (sorry for flash but don't know how to turn it off and camera phone sucks)


    Well I'm keeping my psp, I couldn't part without it.

    Anyway, since I have a pandora, even though my anal/ocd ways are telling me to keep it, I'm still going to sell these. So it's still for sale, but if anyone would like to trade for a 4GB card, I'd pay for S&H both ways.
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