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    I've got a Black PSP fat, in good cosmetic condition. No battery, system only. I bought this off ebay, the guy said the UMD drive was buggy, so his kid tried to put CFW on it and bricked it, but later fixed it. It doesn't like to power on, no matter if it's using a battery or plugged into the wall, you'll flip the power switch the green light comes on for a second then shuts off. if you keep on trying eventually it will boot up. once you get into the XMB, you can listen to music, or watch videos, but every now and then it will freeze. If you try to boot a game off the memory card, it will freeze up. It wont turn on with a UMD in the drive, if you turn it on THEN put in a UMD, it will freeze.

    I turned the battery into a pandora (which is why I want to keep the battery) and I used a MMS
    (used this:
    to update it to 3.8 m33 (when I got it it had 3.71m33) after the update, everything was still the same, it doesn't like to power to on, and once you get it up, the XMB will crash every now and then (after updating to 3.8 m33 the XMB crashes A LOT less)

    Someone said that this:
    [HowTo] Unbrick a PSP Slim/Fat with fullbrick/damaged ID without a working Nand Dump - Page 2 - MaxConsole Forums
    should fix it, but I can't follow that tutorial as I cant run homebrew on it.

    SO: I basically want a working PSP. Fat or slim. Now, if someone wants to sell me one, that'd be great, but it would be better if someone would be willing to trade a working PSP in good condition, my semi bricked PSP, and some cash. Now I have one person already who might be interested in buying it, but I'd rather trade it to someone for a working PSP (trade the semi bricked PSP and some $ for a working PSP in good condition)

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    The orginal Ebay seller is gonna take it back.

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