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    i am selling my white fat psp it has a scratch on the face plate (you cant see it when its on) and a little crack on the bottem (you have to look close to see it) it comes with 2 2gb sandisk memory cards and one 32mb sony memory card, it has two cases the one it come with and a hard see thou one it has 5 game demos are on one of the 2gb memory card and windows vista and ipsp installed has 2 game rocky balboa boxing and midnight club it has all the cables its suppose come with comes with ipod ear phones (white) it also has a killzone umd demo (i can put it on the memory card if u like) I AM LOOKING FOR ANY OFFERS AS I AM SAVING UP FOR A XBOX 360 WII OR PS3 I WILL ALSO TAKE TRADES FOR ANY ELECTRONICS it also comes with a brand new 2200mah battery mint condition holds a lot of charge time *NO OFFERS UNDER 200* I WILL ALSO TRADE FOR ANY OTHER CONSOLES IF U WHERE TO BUY THIS ALL TOGETHER IN A STORE U WOULD PAY MORE THAN 300 comes with recpit and original packaging for the memory cards and the battery FIRST OFFER OVER 200 TAKES IT PLUS I WILL THROW IN MY 2 GIG CAMNEX MP3/MP4
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    Pandora's Battery is a hoax. Sony started the rumor in an effort to make people ruin their own batteries and buy more from them.

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    um, pictures?
    psp fw history: 1.5>2.7>3.5>1.5>3.52m33>3.52m33-4>3.71m33>3.71m33-3>3.80m33-5. I'm selling it if anyone is interested. pm me

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    white PSP fat
    two 2gb sandisk memory sticks, a 32mb sony memory stick
    a crack on the bottom of it
    two cases
    and a bunch of free demos loaded onto the card

    you want at least $200 for it? *scoffs*

    for $200 you could get a brand new PSP slim with a 1gb memory stick, and download all those demos (legally) for free.

    I'd give you $100 for the PSP and battery only.

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