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    Ok here was my idea...
    I want to offer a psp-Unbricking/Downgrading Service to your members throught the rental of my Tool battery and Pre-formatted magic memory Stick.

    I Disaprove of People generally charging people to un-brick A Psp, however i feel my service is different to normal.

    Upon a Moderators approval here is my plan...
    Rent Out a Tool battery and Memory stick with all necesary Fils on to unbrick and downgrade a Psp fat or slim.
    I plan to charge an initial Fee through Paypal of 20GBP, Upo return of battery and Memory stick 10GBP will be refunded to your account.
    5GBP of the 10GBP fee will cover postage and packaging and the other 5GBP Will cover battery and memory stick Costs and Maintanence.

    So heres how it should work.
    1. You send 20GBP to me through paypal
    2. I send you a Psp Tool battery and a 'magic' memory stick with all the required files.
    3. You unbrick and/or Downgrade your PSP Slim or Fat
    4. You return them to me in the EnclosedPre-paid selfed address Envelope to me.
    5. Upon return of the battery and MMS i will Refund 10GBP into your paypal account.

    I Will Only set up this service If a Mod approves

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    been done :P if you want to offer unbricking services search for a thread julie made about ppl volunterring to do this
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    Thanks for the information, all i needed someone to tell me.

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