hello i have a psp with a awesome custom faceplate and a 2gb memory stick pro duo thats loaded with stuff! the psp has custom firmware so that you can play games from other consols and you can put a pda on it!
i want atleast $165 (nogotionable)

here is a pic and the glare is from the light in the room

i also have a heck of alot of xbox 360 live codes(like over 365) and i need 2 sell them so here are the prices
i can sell 5 for $1 25 for $5 50 for $10, $25 for 150 or all for like $60-$50 depends. also willing 2 trade make offers for trade

i also have a guitar hero2 bundle. i want to sell it or trade it.make offers i want cod4 and something else or u make offer or like $60
thanks for looking!