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    Hey peeps i'm in need of a mainboard my psp is a 1002 model i think it has a ta-081 mainboard. I would like another 81 for compatibility issues but im open to mainly any board as long as i can install a CFW. Cheers Azel

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    whats wrong with the board you own already? any board can have CFW installed on it... it just matters what firmware it is. of course, pandora is likely, but if its an older firmware you can use downgraders
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    My bro brought this psp with a busted screen, he went to remove the screen and fit a new one but the pillock didnt undo the clips on the mainboard.

    So when he prised the lcd away he took the clips with him so unless any one knows of a bodge to fix this he needs a new board what a prat lol .


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