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    I'm in the market for a Power Socket for the Phat. (Its that little yellow thing that you plug the AC into)

    It can be used as long as it works flawlessly. New is great.

    I prefer shipped from U.S.

    PM me if you have any, threads are ok, too.

    If you know a site that sells them, OTHER THAN CONSOLESHOP, it would be just dandy if you let me know about them ^_^

    --Bought one from ConsoleShop about 3 weeks ago-ish. They don't reply to emails and they said they shipped it on the 7th...and I still have yet to recieve it. I don't really believe them--

    Quote Originally Posted by rebal_23 View Post
    does anyone know of any games that dont need a custom firmware

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    I have a few. $15 if you want one, including USPS shipping.


    PM Me if interested.
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