selling my slim for $150
it is the white star wars edition with a green metallic faceplate(white buttons)
this psp is in good working condition the only thing is that the faceplate screen has very light scratches not noticeable when the system is on, i can also include the original white faceplate and a 1 gig mem and a 2 gig even, i might charge a little more for the 1 and 2 gig sticks because i am going to buy a fat and want to buy a full case, i cant really get a picture at the moment but i will get one ASAP, contact me if interested, hotmail or text messaging is more efficient for me

note: this psp is running 3.80 m33-5 and has an XMB theme with gameboot
(509) 270-2674

feel free to call if interested

thank you in advance