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    For Sale is a used TA-081 Mobo.Im selling it along with the clear white rubber piece for the analog stick.The mobo doesn't come with the wifi board because it doesn't work.I dont know whats wrong with it but if buyer wants ill include it for free(I don't have a use for it).I'll sell it for 40$ and buyer pays shipping.ill post pics of the mobo working when i resize them.

    I also have:
    a stock oem black psp faceplate with hardly any scratches.I will sell this for 7$ plus shipping.
    lcd screen with no scratches on it for sale at 20$ plus shipping

    if their is any parts on the psp that you need and i havnt mentioned (laser reader,buttons,) then i will sell that to for 4$

    I live in Riverside,CA and will accept any type of payment method, maybe some trades.I will post pics later on the day.Thank You
    edit:more pics to come and if requested
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    hmmmm.....I live in Riverside/Norco side. Hmmm...I need a mother board and a screen.....?.....I'll give it thought. I'll pm you some time.
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    You got a PM...

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