Hey all-
Saw some people were selling 1st gen xbox's on here. I'm not desperate to sell mine, but curious to see what I could get, trade or sell. Here's what I got:

-1st Gen xbox, no physical damage(will post pics for serious inquiries)

-2 controllers- microsoft standard

-I'm pretty sure I still have the DVD playback kit, but no promises if I can't find it

-A/V cables, power cord

-I hard modded the Xbox myself with a Xenium Gold chip, installed on it are DVD2XBOX, XBOX Media Center, and a couple other useful apps.

-I've also installed an 80GB HDD in it, to give you an idea, most XBOX backups are around 3GB.

-NES, SNES, N64 emulators installed.

If I get any serious inquires I will have more exact info. The thing is packed away in storage, and I'll have to go get it out.

BTW, I also have a BRAND new XENIUM Gold modchip lying around for sale, and also have a usb adapter for the controller port. you stick it in an open port, and can connect keyboard, mouse, or geek stick. I always used it to transfer music and video with my geek stick.