For questions please feel free to call me and If I do not answer leave a message. I have quality feedback from everyone I have done mods for all 100% satisfied. I do this on the side as I'm a full time College student and Father/Husband. Call 734-225-7143

Shipping to me -> All shipping must be done with reliable provider and have Delivery Confirmation both ways.

What I do:
- mod PSP's to use custom firmware which also allows you to
- play your "backed up" video games and movies
- play 'Old school' console games as well (Gameboy (advanced), sega, nintendo, turbogfx16, etc.)
- 2~3mins and you'll be up and running (local buyers)
- All steps are explained as well as how to play games.

I also fix broken screens for PSP (fat/slim) models.
- PSP1001(FAT) is part + $15
- PSP2001 (Slim) is part + $15

My Services:
x| PSP modding/unbricking - $15
x| PSP Screen replacement - $15 + (part)
x| PSP Original batteries - $10
x| PSP power switch - $10

Mod your PSP yourself (why wait 15days I can get it to you in 2~3)
x| Pandora Battery - $30
x| Pandora kits (pandora battery + 2Gb MMS) - $50
x| Pandora DIY kit (your battery + your Memstick) - $25

100% Positive Customer Feedback
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734-225-7143 (8am ~ 10pm) in Michigan