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    This is a phat psp with custom firmware with 3.71 M33-4, nothing is wrong with it except that it there is no battery door and it doesn't come with the charger. I am selling it for 100.00 obo, so call me at (931) 796-1306 and ask for CJ.

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    picture me?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fayko View Post
    for 100$ we only get the old outdated system running cfw? No battery door and no charger? for an extra 100$ u can get the newer better version psp slim brand new with a movie,game or w/e etc and hack it yourself. bout 150$ for the system and everything (1gb card)
    You are dumb.

    This is a good deal.


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    Quote Originally Posted by julie View Post
    5. no posting in anyones ad unless it pretains to buying their item, asking a question about it, or making a suggestion about the ad. off topic chatting will not be allowed

    6. no flaming or attacking someone about what they are selling. people are allowed to sell items at any price they want, so dont tell them otherwise

    If you do not like the price don't buy it, dont flame his/her thread.

    Anyway, I suggest investing in a $2 or $3 battery door, it will increase the value of this PSP. A picture would help too

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    I'd sell you a battery door and charger for $5

    there's no place like

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