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    I am selling all my PSP stuff and a PS2.


    $160+shipping - IMAGE! - PSP Phat system (PSP1001) with custom firwamre 5.00 M33-2, comes with 1 x 2GB SanDisk MSPD, 1 x 512MB Magic MSPD, 2 normal batteries, 1 Pandora battery, AC adapter (not in picture), lanyard, carry case, and manual. The only thing wrong with this is that the button to open the UMD slot came off one day pulling the PSP out of the carry case.

    $120+shipping - IMAGE! - PSP Phat system (PSP1001) with custom firmware 3.80 M33-5, comes with 2 x 1GB SanDisk MSPD, 1 battery (and battery cover), and case. Does not come with AC adapter and USB cable.

    $40+shipping - IMAGE! - Broken PSP Phat system (PSP1001), needs replacement motherboard. Has battery cover and and soft carry case. The front has lots of light scratches.


    $150+shipping - IMAGE 1! - IMAGE 2! - PS2 Slim system with box, comes with 8MB Memory Card, 1 x Sony PS2 controller, 1 x Other Brand PS2 controller , 2 x extension cables, Max Shooter Mouse/Keyboard adapter, AV cable, AC adapter, and 7 games.
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