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    Hey all,
    Ive been looking around for old things in my room, and came across my PSP that i have not used for at least a year. I bought this thing at least 3 years ago, and i now want to sell it. It was the original PSP, and it is in great condition right now. It works completely perfectly, it just has a tiny bit of wear and tear on the outside, but not much to even notice. This is what i want to sell along with my PSP System:

    Original Box:
    comes with original box with headphone controller, lanyard, PSP pouch, 32 MB memory card, and the manuals.

    -PSP metal Intec case
    -Car charger

    -GTA: Liberty City Stories
    -GTA: Vice City Stories
    -Burnout Legends
    -Socom: Fire Team Bravo
    -Twited Metal
    -Splinter Cell: Essentials
    -The Godfather: Mob Wars
    -Scarface The Game
    -Tony Hawk's Underground 2

    -Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle
    -Jackass: Volume One
    -Saw II
    -Family Guy: Volume One
    -Viva La Bam: Volume One
    -Saturday Night Live Best Of: Mike Myers
    -South Park: When Technology Attacks
    -Gone In 60 Seconds
    -Spider Man 2

    I have all this, still working in perfect condition, with each game and movie in thier original cases. How much do you think I could get for all this stuff? When i got all this stuff i payed AT LEAST $790.00 for all of it together, and probably more than that. And i want to know where i could even sell this stuff, because i am only 15 and im not able to sell it on ebay, although maybe my dad can. But wherever i do choose to sell it, where should i? and how much will i get? im hoping at least half of what i payed for it originally.

    what can i get on like ebay, ebgames, anything?
    Thanks alot, I appreciate any help i can get.

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    whats the lowest you take? Drop me a good offer and ill buy

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    Maybe $300 or around tehre. depending on scratches and condition

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    i'll take it all.

    for a dollar!

    no, but seriously, try selling on craigslist. google it if you don't know what it is.
    pandora battery? magic memory stick? get started here.

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    dont have that much Sorry

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    I would say somewhere around $350?

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    Sell it on 3bay!

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    i want the case if you still have it...

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    if i were you i would sell it all seperately on craigslist or ebay instead of trying to sell it all at once you probly have a better chance selling it that way and making more money but hey you never know

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