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    I just bought MMS 512MB from the website and i dont know if they going to send the items. Does anyone have past experiments?

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    ive reaed alot of posts of people saying its good. so far only read one post saying its bad. never tried it though.

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    I don't know about this store but I recentley found an excellent source for PSP parts., they have excellent customer service and very good prices on replacement parts and accessories. I've bought from them several times and they've always been very prompt with shipping and support related issues. I ordered the wrong color case for my PSP by accident and they promptly refunded my money after I shipped it back to them. I recieved my refund the day after they recieved the case back.

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    i know the 'owner' has an account here. If you do get screwed over, let a moderator or the admin know.
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    yeah, the owner has an account. He seems to know his stuff

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