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    I have a phat psp that I am thinging of selling. It works great I just ordered a slim. ( I really have two phats but one is my sons.) BTW the one I am thinking of selling has a couple of scraches on it and a couple of chips also very minor. Also the memory stick switch is loose but the wifi and memory stick both work. I can install a different CFW if wanted. It has the battery and cover no charger gamestop sells them cheap. Make an offer wont sell for anything less the $60 so please dont even ask. IT is a great psp I just wanted to have a slim and a phat just to mod them.
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    Two Phats with 5.02 GEN-A Full
    One Daxter Slim 5.00 M33-6

    Steps To Install CFW's
    1. Put MMS into PSP
    2. Hold L button down
    3. STILL holding L button put in PANDARA BATTERY
    5. If all falls GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND

    Wireless 802.11b/g Setup Guide

    Sure way to make a mms Just follow steps to make mms it works. Skip pandora battery

    Ultimate MMS Maker Guide For XP/Vista

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