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  1. #1 PSP v1.5 --> SELL/TRADE!! 
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    im putting my psp up for sale. my brother just bought me another psp for my birthday. and i was shocked when i saw it came with 2.0. so im going to sell my old one (still in excelent almost mint condition).

    psp w/ v1.5
    black soft case
    white hand strap
    1 gig mem stick
    instuctions booklet
    usb cable
    (and all the original contents, i have them all including the box)

    was hoping to get 350 or an iPod Video in good condition
    OR- ide also be interested in some sort of notebook/laptop.

    throw me some offers. we can negotiate.. if u want pics leme know
    PSP v2.01+ cannot be downgraded. BUT. there is a solution. find a PSP noob and trade them if they have under 2.01

    lol.. V1.5 obtained: March 2 2006

    Interests: football, computers, drums, psp

    Call me rob

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    Hey i'll take you up on that offer. What country are you in and do you have paypal? I'll offer you $150. i know you'll want more so i'll negotiate with you i have a load more q's anyway. Get back to me.


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    ill trade u my psp 2.6 and madden 06 with a 32mb card

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    Hey man I was wondering what you thought of my offer. Please Please Please! I will also give you any music you want on the mp3. 150$ from that other guy is a rip. My stuff adds up to abot $350. Also I dont think you want a 2.6 PSP because you are trying to get rid of the one you have because you already have 2. This is me with the PSP. This is me without it. THANKS A BUNCH PAL

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    Im seriously interseted, I joined just to ask you for a sale/trade. Ill give you 225 and 2 games(WSOP&GTA) yeah not the best games but let me know of youre interested. Thanks man.

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