Thread: 4 sale: Broken psp phat, metallic red housing (shell), charger

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    I am located in Michigan, just offer a price on anything. The housing is from deal extreme, I ordered it and never used it. The buttons, triggers, etc. for both the psp and housing are in that bag (they would obviously be separated if sold individually.

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    how much you looking for it (in british pounds please
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    Ok im looking for a PSP fat customfirmware or not cuz mine broke just recently
    so how much are you willing to offer in US Currancy.
    Id prefer the black one, and thats the one thats broken one.
    nothing else wrong with it just the UMD tray right?
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    The red one is badass.
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    I'm in michigan. Where are you at?

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    Quote Originally Posted by brando95 View Post
    I'm in michigan. Where are you at?
    Y? u wanna buy sumthin?

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    depending on price i live in iowa so pm me on a pricetag for this...

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