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    Yep, i'm selling the whole friggin lot of my PSP collection hehe... i need money for xbox 360 games and a hard drive! it's an awesome lot of stuff! 16 items total, including 2 extra batteries, a theater experience, a TV Adapter, a gig memory stick sandisk brand, 4 different cases, and more! check it out!!!


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    i like the blue and white psp....should keep it i have xbox 360 and it blows nuts..i got it just for halo3

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    No fubar!!!! Don't sell out! I hope you are keeping the other psp you have (or your girlfriends at least )
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    oh yah i am... just figured i can start over again later on, get one offa sum schmuck for $100in a month or so and start anew...

    "don't fucking ask me. i don't know..."


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