Thread: Anyone wanna trade a PSP 2K for a 3K?

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  1. #1 Anyone wanna trade a PSP 2K for a 3K? 
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    Yeah just wondering if anyone wants to trade a PSP 2000 in good/mint or great condition for a Mystic Silver PSP 3000 that I got in a bundle.... hahah

    I'd rather that the people that are willing to trade are in Australia.

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    I wouldnt buy a 3000 if it was $1 lol

    Im sure the machine is ok but without c/fw it would be useless for me and im sure many people on here who mod thier psp`s.

    Im not poo pooing your sale, its just on this site the 3000 series is seen as the satan version of the psp and nearly everyone who has bought one, regrets it and desires a slim instead.

    I hope you get rid of it soon and can play with the beautiful hackable slim 2000 :-)

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    I'm not a pirate. I am a 21st century Che liberating files from the capitalist overlords.
    How to check if you can mod your PSP

    Thanks MZ for a sleek sig!

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    Hahaha Yeah, I just got the PSP thinking it was hackable but it wasn't hahah
    Yeh, hope I get a 2K soon. Might buy one and sell the PSP 3000 haha

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