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    For Sale is a used Sony PSP slim console that I have had modded, the console currently has 4.01 M33-2 CW installed on it, which allows you to run homebrew games, downloaded games, install themes, run various applications, unlocking the FULL potential of the console, that would otherwise be limited.

    The package includes:

    1. Yellow Limited edition SIMPSONS PSP SLIM 2000 console
    2. Massive 4gb MEMORY stick!
    3. Simpsons game (UMD)
    4. Charger cables
    5. Computer USB cable
    6. Box (Forced to use white psp box, due to simpsons box misplaced)

    Im also taking requests for game/s that you would like to be installed on the memory stick!!! subject to availability.

    The console itself doesn't have any major scratches, dents or imperfections. I have had a SCREEN PROTECTOR on it since I first bought the unit. In perfect working condition.

    Never had any problems with the unit, always worked. Never been dropped and treated with great care by my teenage son, who has not been using the console.


    EBAY ITEM NUMBER: 270475326798 google this number and you will see my ebay listing

    Happy Bidding!

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    aww man i would have bought it, but only australia huh.

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    Ebay will take that auction down, they don't allow CFW psps to be sold. Also, saying you'll put on games on and saying you can download them is piracy.

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