I have quite a few Windows 7 Professional 32-Bit Upgrade kits, courtesy of Dell, that I'm looking to sell. I'm looking for US$105 each shipped in the US, US$116 shipped out of the US (suggested retail for Professional Upgrade is US$170-200 plus s&h, so I'd say it's a fair deal).

Clarification time: Although these are Dell OEM, they are the exact equivalent of retail Upgrade disks. Also, you do not need a Dell brand computer to use these, they can be used on any brand of PC (or used to dual-boot on Macs). My roommate has an Acer and a hallmate of mine has a Macbook, and the disks I gave them worked perfectly.

PayPal is the preferred method of payment, and if you're interested in buying one I'll PM you my PayPal email. I may also be willing to consider trades for something of equal value on an individual basis, just PM me if you have a trade offer. I will ship as soon as possible after receiving payment, usually the same or following day. I can PM you a picture of the shipping receipt as proof if you'd like.

Each is still factory sealed and includes:
-Windows 7 Professional Upgrade disk (32-Bit)
-Windows 7 Professional Activation Key Sticker (all keys are unused, 100% guaranteed)
-"Upgrade Assistant DVD" with "Dell Upgrade Assistant", Win7 Drivers, and Win7 Applications. I'm not entirely sure what "Dell Upgrade Assistant" is, but it comes on the disk
-An "Important Information" booklet. Everything you need/want/don't want to know about upgrading

And now, for the pics:

This is what each one looks like, two disks and a booklet still sealed

And this is proof that I have more than just one.