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    title, kinda told it all.... wanting a modded xbox with atleast snes pre-loaded and the abitlity to play iso's.. willing to pay with money... yes thats right, real money :->

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    ability to play ISOs, willing to pay WITH money? wow, um, wow. you know, theres just something about this post i just cant put my finger on it.

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    hang the black flag at the end of the mast

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    I have one. I'm thinking about selling it. I modded it myself, no modchip, but it's softmodded (you won't see any difference at all). It plays burned discs with no tricks, just pop them in and they'll run. No special menus or exploits to run, just play the games as if they were original. It also has a 250GB drive that I put in, which means lots of space to rip games, DVDs, and music onto. It runs UnleashX as the default dashboard but also has access to the original dashboard. Comes with an SNES emulator, N64 emulator, PS1 emulator, Xbox Media Center, Links Web Browser, and other apps. I've only played on Live before I modded it, so it's not banned. How much are you offering?

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    Why dont you just download sucha console, yes with REAL BROADBAND

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    I also have an original Xbox, motherboard version 1.1 hardmodded with a DuoX GS Cromwell Edition. It is running the UnleashX dashboard but I can put on any dashboard and emulators you like. It has the original hard drive in it.

    I absolutely will not under any circumstances install roms or ISOs to it. It comes with two controllers and 1 set of RCA (yellow/red/white) cables and 1 set of Monster brand component cables.

    Let me know if you're interested and what you're offering for it.

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