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    ok so im running this ad on craigslist figured i would post it here as well. not sure on the price i shoudl be asking any ideas or offers are more than welcome

    ok so, its got a bunch of stuff that i have done to it.

    Custom Firmware v. 5.50 mhu

    Pandora Battery-

    Runnign time machine so it boots 100% normal.

    First Memory Stick-
    512 Mb set up to work with pandora battery to add custom firmware to standard psps

    Second Stick-
    4 gig stick with multiple games-
    Super Nes emulator with around 15 games
    Mame emulator with 10 games
    Sega emulator with 25 games including all sonic.
    Tekken 6
    Little Big Planet
    Full Html Browser
    Psp Tube and GOTube
    Circles- math based puzzle solving game.
    84 songs
    Multiple Stations for internet radio
    Third Stick-
    2 gigs compltely free

    Hardware Mods-
    Usb Charge mod- Allows to charge through usb port

    Removed UMD drive- Reduces power consumption form excessive spinning, and reduces weight of psp. (can put it back in if you want, still ahve it and works fine, jsut not necessary with Custom Firmware)

    Relocated Wifi antenna to umd space gets better signal than standard location.

    Painted Back of Psp white (used wrong type of paint, so it is peeling off)

    Removed Psp symbol and silver rign from UMD door, Replaced With
    Extended psp analog stick out approximately 3mm to lift it off the face of psp, easier to use during play.

    Psp Screen Isnt scaratched, its sjtu the photo somehow made it look scratched


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    No, you won't be selling memory sticks containing games.

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