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    Hi im selling a nintendo ds with 4 games all together
    - Super Mario 64 (DS)
    - Need For Speed Most Wanted (DS)
    - Metroid Prime Hunters (DS DEMO)
    - Mario Kart (GBA)
    This Nintendo DS also includes the charger
    The only scratches on this ds is on the back of the flip screen ( Not the Screen Side) they are only two scratches
    The Screens Are in PERFECT Condition
    The Nintendo DS Comes With A Stylus

    This I will be selling for $90.00
    Price MAY Be Negotiable


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    So your trying to sell a ds on a psp site? Try selling at
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    Why are the images on different carpeting? lol, probably just the lighting. Good price though, i would probably get it if i wanted a DS in the first place
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    I'm getting ready to buy DS Light... (just thought i might throw that in )
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    would you ship to the uk?
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    I thought about asking to just buy the metroid prime hunters game, but saw that it was just a're a trickster!

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    yo thats a pretty big scratch
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    i dont know how to scratch a ds?? mine is perfect, except the cracked screen, and mine was dropped sat on, palyed alot, and still looks great, so what did you do?

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