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    This is regarding shotkingdead7 selling 6 DS Lite.

    Here is when it all started:
    5/Sep/2006: I chatted with shotkingdead7 on MSN instant messenger and I was selling a screen protector to her. She agreed on to buy it for $15 which is dam expensive which make me feel that the money is stolen as who will be offering $15 for a screen protector?
    She ask me if I wanted to buy a DS Lite and offered $100 for it and then I agreed to purchase one from it.

    6/Sep/2006: She emailed me claiming that she had shipped out the DS Lite via fedex and ask me to pay her $85 via money order. $100 minus $15 for the screen protector. I ask her for the tracking number but she said that I dont need a tracking number as it is being shipped directly to my house which i find there is no logic behind it. well up to this point i do not need the tracking number as I trust that she had shipped the item.

    7/Sep/2006: This was my second request for the tracking number but was turned down by her for the same reason. I also asked her for her mailing address so i can get the money order ready for her but then she refuse to give me the address which really make me feel she is trying to scam me.

    8/Sep/2006: I replied to one of the post made by her saying that she is really fishy and then she emailed me back saying that I am a scammer and had called fedex to return the package back to her. this is the quota from the email i receive from her.

    ive called fedex and ive told them to chargeback the parcel.i dont want anything frm u and im not giving anything to u.u said on that im fishy...and i would scam.u scammer..........get lost.nothing for u
    now she is claiming that i had scammed her off her DS Lite which is totally false.

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    Shotking has already been on other forums selling false nintendo ds
    If you saw the pics they had too come straight from the net and refused to put name card

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    that is why when i requested for a picture of the serial number with her username she refuse. she also refuse to give me the tracking number as she did not even shipped it.. this scam is a total lame joke....

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    im locking this one, keep this shit in one thread.

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