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    I dunno what the deal is with people breaking their mics all the time, I've had the same one since april and it's still in great shape. just don't step on it/sit on it/feed it to your dog and you should be alright, damn.
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    not brake like that. brake like I talk and noone hears me. i hear them, sometimes itll work for like 5secs and sometimes never. 20 a month dosent bother me that much.
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    i managed to rip the cable out of it
    R.I.P Zoidberg
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    who wants to get a game of gears of war
    my xbl is miamiheat4L
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    Anyone up for some Rainbow Six Vegas? my gamer tag is:


    Also, i created a clan recently, i got a forum and everything, i just dont have any members lol. go to: to check it out.
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