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    Also and FYI to all gamers check your local game store for deposit availability on the xbox 360.

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    Eidos Interactive has confirmed that Championship Manager 2007 will be released on the PS2, Xbox 360, and the PSP in the first quarter of 2007. This installation promises to be totally new in terms of the look and the intuitive control system, making it even more playable than before.

    For the Xbox 360, there will be the Xbox Live in Online Battle Mode Matches where players can battle it out with each other head-to-head. You can also download season data, as well as new Challenges. You can even compare your Manager Profile and Achievement Points with your friends online. Same thing goes for the PSP version. There's the Battle Mode via wi-fi play where you can go one-on-one with friends in friendly competition.

    For Championship Manager 2007, managers are now given the ability to design their own set piece drills on the tactics pitch and then use them in a match. Apart from this, they could now also interact with the teams by giving motivational talks both before and during matches.

    Additional features are as follows:
    several Challenge Modes
    traditional 20-season play mode
    behind the scenes
    intense backroom staff of improvements:
    comprehensive new transfer system that allows intricate player negotiations
    innovative and dynamic news and media system
    comprehensive player and club data
    a refined match AI system
    2 new English leagues: Conference North and South

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