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    Hi All,
    I recently got a phone, the Verizon XV6700. I love the phone, but hated the standard case that it came with. After getting back from the Verizon store with a new case, I noticed that while the new case is closed, it is depressing the navigation button. I was wondering if this could cause any damage to the phone/button in the long run. I am currently using the case in hopes that it will strech somewhat in the long run. Is there any chance that this could damage the phone, or am I just babying it too much?

    -Chris 3d

    I asked the same question on a forum for pocket pc's, but couldn't get a response...I figured that you guys wouldn't let me down
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    I use a Samsung A900m with Sprint PCS, and I love it. I have no clue why you'd have Verizon in Huntersville dude, they are the WORST cell service in this area. Call Verizon and ask a rep - he'll even tell you they have the worst service area in North Carolina. You might think I'm just a Sprint fanboi, but that's not the case - I had Verizon here for two years and I had an LG VX6000. LG phones are cheap but they are also cheaply made. My first VX6000 didn't last for six months, so I chipped in the insurance and got another one. That one died three months after I got it. Finally I said 'screw it' and made them replace it with a Samsung A670, which lasted the whole year and three months until my contract was out.

    And that phone case thing ... well, I don't think it'll really hurt it, but it might run the battery down a little faster. Just don't ever drop your phone
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    I have verizon because they have the best coverage in the mountain areas of NC....(where most of the cell towers are located). I will be going to college next year in the mountains, so it only makes sense for me to get a phone that will have signal there. Thanks for the reply. I hope that you are right about the case. I think the reason why many people wouldn't have noticed the same problem with the case is that it only depresses the button when it is fully closed. When the button does depress, it sounds very similar to the sound of the magnets on the case snapping together...but I can hear the button snapping when I pull on the case * while open.
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