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    he got me banned from one of my psp forums i go to for info.. is there anyway i can bypass their ban??? i really need to get back on that site.
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    e-mail the webmaster of the site you go to for info and explain the situation... and try not to be so vulgar....

    "don't fucking ask me. i don't know..."

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    Just use this site, has heaps of great members and info or just do what fubar42o said if you are really that avid about that particular website.
    "In the dark nowhere to be found"
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    what psp site if i may ask? and also, theres really nothing you cna do about it except what furbor said....
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    I don't think they banned you by ip, maybe you could just make a secondary account until you are unbanned.
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    first warning. dont use words here that attack anyones sexuality
    R.I.P Zoidberg
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