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    Well this guy from Verison Fios came to my door, since he was connecting people around the neighborhood. we had 2 people come to our door about this.

    first guy, he told my dad about it.. he said let me think about it
    2nd guy came, not the same guy, came in our house and explained the whole thing and were gettin Verison Fios(Phone,TV,Internet).

    Its being installed on: March 20

    Just wondering if any one had Verison Fios and if you do, fill me in on it.
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    I'm pissed, two really hot girls came up and talked to my dad about saying how it was cheaper AND faster than Comcast and he still said no!

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    comcast is really fast and the funny thing is that, my friend got FIOS and hes always having problems with his servers. he once called Verizon and they told him to switch his server connection to a Comcast one. he got that straigtened out bu they are really unreliable. well at least in his case.
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    They're hella fast. On one of the torrent websites I download from one guy uploaded over 2tb within his first 3 months because of fios.
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    I had Comcast for about 6 years, now I have FIOS. It's quite a bit faster and quite a bit more relaible than my Comcast was, but that's just my experience.

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    I think before you have VeriZon service, you should be required to spell it correctly.
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