Well the incubus concert was der... ****ing amazing. Albert Hammond Jr. opened up for them. Very cool and talked to the crowd about smokin out during the concert ha. Tons of weed going around the place that night. Got completely drenched in sweat. Totally ****in worth it though. If you have the chance to get ticket I sugest you do. I got lucky and got a pair. Sold out over here in 5 minutes. Nuts I tell you.

The Shins - Awesome CD. Every track is amazing. 9.
Broken Social Scene - Ambient is the theme going here. Every track once again is good. A few are great. I give it an 8.

*** Hey sorry I didnt know that we couldnt use obscenities. It's a good rule for like flamers and stuff. When did that start to take place?

*** Sorry I havent been around alot lately. If anyone was wondering (which you werent ) me and gf broke up and ive been in the process of getting my shit together... So yeah thats why I havent been on in a while. Alright then yall.