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    So i have this huge lot of manga i would love to sell i just need a price range. I have 170 books 30 some shoen jump 4 complete vid volumes of one piece and the complete vid set of shaman king also 10 new type mags. I would love to sell this to make some great money but what should it be sold for haha i mean i can do the math of what it cost me then subtract some but liek what would you guys buy something liek this for. Any help is welcome thanks. just thought i would ask
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    uhm you woudnt get great money for the shounen jump, they are like newspaper..
    try ebay or go to some geeks basement

    edit: w00t 500 posts.
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  3. #3 psp playstationspot is in JAP lang 
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    hi all,

    wondering if you can help me out i just got my psp out from the dust and updated and the paystationspot which i think is the playstationstore is all in JAP lang and i can not understand it is there anyway i can change it to english?
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