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  1. #1 Who here plays Maple Story? 
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    It's a really fun and addicting game so if you have an account add me, maybe we can start up a pspmod clan. Also Discuss things you like or dislike about the game, but explain why.

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    Maple Story sucks dude. It's just one out of a hundred identical asian MMORPG's. Plus, they make you PAY to play it! You might as well go back to MU Online haha...
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    Haha got my fire mage to lvl 102, then i sold it for 510$ on ebay xP.
    Sorry lmao
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    Wow nice. I played for like a month then i quit because i didnt want to pay to look 1337
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    I hate things you have to pay for. Live for example should not be $60 for 12 months. Thats just dumb.
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    Never even heard of it, but I had maple syrup on my french toast this morning...that has to count for something, right?

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    The Maple Story...

    One day a HOney bee was buzzin around his pollen flower. He met a female honey bee and together they made whoopee, of cours useing polle in replacement for whipped cream.

    9 bee-onths later, the female honey bee gave a shit to a baby bee. Anyways, with that being said. they started a Bees-ness. Using SAP from maple trees and they created their own maple honey. SOme loser people contributed their pweronal lives from the bee's ideas. THey created and distributed maple syrup from the bees-ness.

    With that being said. This was the Maple Story.

    Oh wait, you mean the game. I quit playing that like a couple of days after trying it out. lol
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