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    Hello everybody.
    I'm developing a website, oriented to products and services for local users. For a lot of reasons I would like to create subdomains for each state of USA. As my own site is still mostly in my mind, to get an idea of what I'm looking for - you can look here South Dakota mls or here Utah for sale (this is certanly not the best example of webdesign and usability, BUT those guys made EXACTLY what I need from the point of view of subdomains).
    So my question is the following: how is it better to configure DNS and web-server to make the same way (I will use linux hosting). Truly speaking I know how to make it working for 3-4 subdomains but if we make 50 different independent subdomains - the maintenance and support will by very difucult.
    Thank you in advance.
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    For instance, if you want to have as your primary domain and then have ... this is accomplished by using canonical name "alias" in DNS.
    Easiest part of DNS is just remembering it all has to resolve down to an IP.
    so create canonical record giving it the name of the state and once repllication has occured between the name servers you'll be off and running. So will actually resolve back to which will then locally resolve itself to the proper web container.
    If you are trying to start your won Craigslist site then this is certainly what you need to do.
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    Sounds like you are really serious about this. My suggestion is not to ask on a gaming board lol..
    Seriously you are gonna have to research this on your own if you want to get this done, although pickafingname was correct. Google or talk to people in the business as they will give you an accurate scope as well as even pricing or maintenance estimations since price and difficulty seems to be a factor.
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