This is the News section of the Forum. I am trying to get a section on PSPmod to inform the rest of the users what is happening within the gaming world, because most people are uninformed. Hopefully there will be more user posts than my posts after a while, and thus making this more of a success than I thought it would .

Anways, the rules are basically this. If you feel that you have news worthy of being in this

1. Post your news in a new thread if you feel that it is "News"worthy. While our news section won't be an IGN/1up, I hope that over time our members will be able to comment on news from other members.

2. Check to make sure that the news is from
a good source. However, if you aren't sure about the validity of the
source put "RUMOR" or somewhere noticeable in the thread.

3. Put a link to where you got your News/information
(i.e. IGN, Joystick, Kotaku) somewhere noticeable in your thread.

I'm trying to keep this section mostly PSP related, but big things like Xbox 360 dashboard updates and PS3 firmwares would definitely qualify as ok.