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    K guys this is really sad and freaky. My dad had called me today and tole me that his friend was in new orleans and decided to wait it out like many others but as his friend saw the storm come and the winds got fierce and it got dark outiside he got on aim and chekced if his buddy who lived a block away was still on he was so he told him hey are u there , and his friend responded yea then my dad friend had told his friend that he was going to his house so they can be together cause he was really scared and his friend had warned him not to go outside but when my dad friend managed to get to the end of his block his friend blocked didnt exist! it was completly gone he started to cry and ran back to his house and when the water came he wait in the cold on top of his roof . Now hes in a high school or something pretty freakin crazy of what. But yea sad
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    Wow man, that really sucks to hear :/ Kind of scary how something like that can go within an really makes you think that you should cherish and grab hold of everything in your life, take it while its there...

    Sorry to hear this happened
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    i wawws in miami when it was a category 3 it was fuckin crazy the winds were so strong and then the worst part was the eye wall my electrical box exploded
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    davidjr1989, PLEASE STOP DOUBLE POSTING!'ll get a response if someone wants to respond........

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    does anyone no of a website i can download games and movies to your psp i cant find one ............also im havin trouble connecting to my computer wen i try to connect nothing happens can anyone help
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