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    I caught the bug to re-collect all the systems of my past. As of last week I had only my PSP. I have aquired a Genesis, and a dreamcast off ebay for a combined total of $36 shipped for both items. They each came with 2 controls and some games and all the hook-ups. I also discovered I still have a ps one, the little one. I am lookiong to get all the systems I ever had, plus the ones I always wanted back in the day that I never got; such as the dreamcast. Did you know that there is homebrew for the dreamcast, thats sick I'm all about it once it gets here.

    I am looking for these systems on the cheap.
    -NES (original, not top load)
    -SEGA CD attachment
    -ATARI 2600
    -Original GAMEBOY
    - JAGUAR (never even seen one in person)

    If anyone reading this has one of these listed systems and wants to get rid of it. drop me a line. I am a avid EBAY user, but I figured maybe I could help a member here out by helping them un-load a neglected older system that is in a closet somewhere.
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    atari lynx it was my first portable gameconsole.
    The Lynx was released in 1989, the same year as Nintendo's Game Boy, it was the first handheld portable gaming system with a color LCD display.

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    0_0 some one has A LOT of time on their hands lol nice pic though...wish i could find my Sega Gamegear...loved that thing
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    :P how fun i can see the "SEGA" handle system, in that picture, that thing was MASSIVE! no wonder why it failed soo fast.

    By the way urineanus I want to do the same thing Get the consoles I had before and some I didn't.

    I have from far back:

    GREEN Transparent - N64. < I have everything but the 'styrofoam' SUCKS.. If anyone HAS one PM and I"ll buy it. there was a set of like 5 transparent colors.

    Indigo Gamecube << normal blue one.

    Gameboy MICRO (20th anniversary) LImited. Looks like the Famicon JP, I have this SEALED. Im very proud about it.

    Gameboy SP (RETRO Edition) < Looks like the Nintendo 8-bits. If you are a RETRO MAN this SP would really be a charm for you ;the box was opened but I have the BOX manuals everything and its mint.

    Brittany has the Sega Mega Drive:

    We will later on get the rest and maybe display them in our house. We have collectables^^

    Good luck man! remember "GET" the consoles in the box; if you have the box you will be able to resell for BIG BUCKS in the future, Ive seen Super Nintendos for more than $150 because of the box..
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    you should aslo get the 32x attachment in addition to the sega cd. it completes the set... even if its useless

    wheres the virtual boy too?
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    ya i am bidding on 32x right now, I have been looking for one that is in the box. virtual boy is totally lame, I actually had one of those. I remember trading that thing in for n64 way back in the day. at funco land, damn what ever happened to funco?

    the genesis arrived today. I instantly took it apart, and went to radioshack. Along with extensive case mods and LEDs; I am going to overclock it and add modern composite and stero output to it. The composite outputs really make the picture about twice as good, and the overclocking helps as well. Found a pretty good TUT on how to do this stuff. badass.
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