Ok, now im trying to beat every resident game every out so im only stuck on one. Code VeronicaX for ps2 ne how im stuck at the end where u have to fight alexia in for "Hard as Hell"stage. So i decided just to start over cuz i have like no health items. So im thinkin about gettin a codee breaker so i could beat it easyer. Does any one have any idea if thesse typee of codes really work i know most do but "Item box anywere" "Save your game any were" Im haveing a hard time beleiveing u can save a residentt evil game in any place u want. And if u hold L1 and square an item box appears infront of you. I dont' think so. So if by any chance any one has use a codebreaker on this game and tried that code please tell me if it works.