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    I just got 14 eps of my fav show entourage on my psp. Yeaah!
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    if any of you knew my FTP IP/USER/LOGIN you could get the COMPLETE American Dad, South Park, COMPLETE Samurai Champloo, COMPLETE Ghost In The Shell Standalone Complex, or COMPLETE Paranoia Agent =P~

    kinda felt like bragging

    "don't fucking ask me. i don't know..."

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    how the hell did you get it all on one stick?
    what size/ compression? or is it multiple sticks?
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  4. #4 HELP please... v3.60 slim PSP downgrade! 
    Hi there... Can someone please help!... just brough a slim PSP think its call PSP Lite and it has the fireware 3.60 and can't seem to found any mods for this fireware also i cant tell if its the motherboard u cant downgrade with cause the UMD back cover is different!

    Can anyone suggest i place i can find these info out? cheers trqeweddwe
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    with these new versions i doubt that there any mods that you can do with it so far
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