Alright well I own a Xbox 360 and I love the controllers. There confortable and full of nicely colored buttons that are fun to look at when your drunk:P Anyway I use my 360 controller with my computer all the time but I noticed a lack of support for them, Mainly in steam games (Half life 2, Counter strike, and whatnot, Exept flatout it has support) I find the NFS series and halo the only ones with good controller support and I was wondering if there was a way to make it possible to use with other games? (far cry, and stuff) another this too is when im driving a car in nfs i cant keep it straight. It always steers off to the left or right becasue I think the joystick is extremely sensitive to the slightest movement. But anyway my question is, Is it possible to use a controller for games with little or no controller support? Sorry if this is a really stupid question. Also in HL2 theres a button called enable the joystick but all I think it does is let you look around with the joystick on the controller. You can't actually map any buttons or anything. And is there any software out there or anything that lets you map the buttons on your keyboard to a controller or even mouse movements to joystick movements?