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    hay hows everyone,im back after a long while to psp world.i was searching threw the fourms,and there seem to be new Coustom FW,i think 3.10 oe,am i right.i have 3.03 oe c i think which was the best one out 3.10 good or nope?and anything else good on psp ?.i searched for a while i didnt find anything maby you guys know something new
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    3.03 oe-c is still used by a lot of people. The only other popular one is going to be 3.40 oe-a. 3.40 oe-a has greater psx compatibility, 3.03 oe-c has better customization compatibility.
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    nice nice,anything new that you can do with psp.i mean in homebrew maby.
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    Not much.

    3.03 Oe-c is mostly used for peopel that wanna customize the XMB
    and 3.40 oe is used with its psx abilities.
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