Thread: Does Gamestop / EBGames sell "bricked/broken" PSPs ??

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  1. #1 Does Gamestop / EBGames sell "bricked/broken" PSPs ?? 
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    Just wondering,

    Because I painted a fake trim (center piece) the one that has the Strap ring, and is not the original SONY one, it was not a genuine piece.

    So I want to get a BROKEN, bricked, smashed, torn, psp just to get this piece. Do they sell broken PSPs?? just checking ^^

    Also if someone wants to sell a PSP as mentioned above, let me know on PMs. Im willing to pay $20 for one, Im not paying $80 for a brick piece of waste! like these crazy people do on eBay.
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    i highly doubt it... you may try asking sony? but you're chances may go even further down from there.
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    I can guarantee that they don't.....why would they sell "defective product"?

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    idk. damn IONZ you already got 11598 gamer points didnt you just get youre 360 a few months ago?
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    Quote Originally Posted by chinese people
    idk. damn IONZ you already got 11598 gamer points didnt you just get youre 360 a few months ago?
    its called renting i was amazed too until i found out renting gives easy gamerpoints.Now idc about achievements.
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    They dont, they always test out the PSP before buying them...
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    Yah.Gamestop will still BUY defective/bricked PSP's but then they ship them off to thier refurb center to be fixed. When i was working @ gamestop someone traded in a PSP and the manager defected it out cuz half of the screen was non-functional... I called the District manager to see if i could buy it from gamestop at some sort of defective merch discount and He said we still have to pay full price for defective product... so even if gamestop DID sell defective merch, dont expect a discount...

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