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  1. #1 Whats your favourite game of all time 
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    Post here what your favourite game of all time is. Can be on any system.

    For me its an easy choice

    In 1st place its Dungeon master by FTL, Screenshots > I played this game first on the Atari St and it is by far the best game I have ever played!! I have completed it like 7 times!!

    2nd place, Super Mario world on the SNES

    then after that in no order

    Resident evil games - Code veronica on the dreamcast my fav
    Super mario kart - SNES
    Donkey Kong 1, 2, 3 - SNES
    Zelda N64
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    This is a tough one, I think it would either be Super Mario Bros for SNES, Zombies ate my neighbors for SNES, FFVII for PSX, or GTA3 for PS2 (Now GTA San Andreas, but 3 was the original)
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    nes: super mario bros 3
    snes: zelda 3, chrono trigger, ff6, earthbound, super mario rpg
    genesis: shining force 2
    n64: mario 64
    psx: breath of fire 3
    ps2: gran turismo 3, ratchet and clank 1 and 2, jak 3, tekken 5
    xbox: forza motorsports, black, ninja gaiden
    gamecube: resident evil (remake), battalion wars
    xbox 360: none yet.
    gameboy (any): zelda: links awakening, and zelda: the minish cap
    psp: burnout, hot shots golf
    pc: call of duty, delta force xtreme, black hawk down, half life 2, wow, guild wars

    im afraid that im gonna award my all time favorite game to Tetris though. no matter how many times you play it, the game never gets old. you keep going back to Tetris. socom will get old, god of war will get boring, ff7 will become stale, but Tetris is always gonna be fun to play
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    I should have mentioned Zelda on n64, MM and OOT
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    NES: River City Ransom
    SNES: Super Mario World
    Sega Genisis: Sonic
    N64: Goldeneye 64
    Dreamcast: Power Stone
    PSX: Final Fantasy VII
    PS2: Guitar Hero II
    XBOX: Halo
    Gamecube: Super Smash Bros Melee
    xbox 360: nothing good enough too play
    Nintendo Wii: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
    Gameboy: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Pokemon Ruby
    PSP: GTA LCS, Syphon Filter Dark Mirror,
    PC: Guild Wars, WoW, GTA SA
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    And weeeeeeee......

    Atari: Pitfall!
    NES: River City Ransom
    Sega Master System: Phantasy Star
    Gameboy: Mercenary Force
    Genesis: Rolling Thunder 3
    32X: Space Harrier
    SNES: Final Fantasy IV
    Turbografx 16: Ninja Spirit
    Game Gear: Fantasy Zone
    Gameboy Color: Metal Gear
    Saturn: Panzer Dragoon Saga
    Turboduo: Caltlevania: Rondo of Blood
    PSX: Persona
    N64: Body Harvest
    Dreamcast: Marvel vs Capcom 2
    GBA: Metroid: Zero Mission
    PS2: .hack vol 1-4
    X-Box: Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
    Gamecube: Phantasy Star Online ep 1&2
    DS: Castlevaina: Portrait of Ruin
    PSP: Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max
    PC: Stunts

    I think that covers all my systems

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    NES: Super Mario 3, TMNT
    Gameboy: Pokemon Red (I was young)
    Genesis: Sonic and Knuckles
    SNES: Chrono Trigger, Super Mario All Stars
    Game Gear: Sonic Triple Trouble
    PSX: Omega Boost,FF7, FF8, Chrono Cross, Megaman Legends 1 and 2
    N64: Super Mario 64, Super Smash Brothers
    GBA: Metroid: Zero Mission
    PS2: FF10, Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, Burnout 3, Devil May Cry Series, MGS Series, God of War Series
    Gamecube: Zelda: Wind Waker, RE4, Rogue Squadron, Super Smash Brothers Melee
    DS: New Suoer Mario Brothers, Castlevania
    PSP: Daxter, MGS Portable Ops, Burnout
    PC: Half Life 1 and 2, Unreal Tournament 2004
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    May 2007
    nes: Kid Iccarus, Maniac Mansion(<almost forgot this gem)
    snes: Final Fantasy 4 & 6, chrono trigger, Shadowrun(A whole bunch more, SNES PWNS all)
    genesis: shining force 2, Streets of Rage 2
    n64: Conker's bad fur day, Goldeneye, Banjo Kazooi, both Zelda's
    psx:Suikoden 1&2, Castlevania Symphony of night
    ps2: God of War, Final Fantasy 9,10,12, Kingdom Hearts 1&2
    xbox: Star wars Knights of the old republic,
    gamecube: Animal Crossing
    xbox 360: Call of Duty 2
    gameboy (any): zelda: the minish cap, FF Tactics
    psp: Sid Meiers Pirates
    pc: WoW
    Dreamcast: Shenmue, Grandia 2
    DS: Ace attorny
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    May 2006
    nes- mario bros 1
    snes- super mario world
    n64- mario 64 then zelda OOT
    ps1- THPS2
    ps2- Gran turismo 3
    xbox- halo2
    360- XBL arcade games
    gameboy- poke'mon (only games i had for it)
    psp- LOCO ROCO
    pc- halo 1
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    SNES: The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past, The Legend of Mystical Ninja, Super Metroid.

    N64: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Mario Kart64, Super Smash Bothers

    PS1: Metal Gear Solid, Sled Storm, Worms Armagedon/World Party, FF8

    Gameboy (any): All of the Zelda games, All of the Metroid games, Pokemon (yep liked it still & play it occasionally)

    NDS: FF3, Tetris, Brain Age

    Gamecube: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Tales of Symphonia, Super Smash Brothers Melee

    Xbox: Splinter Cell series, Hitman: Blood Money, Need for Speed Series

    PSP: Socom FTB2
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    Half-Life (and HL2,) Unreal/UT... all great games, and some of my favorites.

    GTA:SA for PC is excellent. Not a perfect port or anything, and it has a few bugs, but I had way too much fun playing it on PC.

    Resident Evil 4 for Gamecube is incredible. The Gamecube version is the only one worth owning BTW. Don't bother with the PS2 version, and especially avoid the PC version. If you want the full experience, just buy a used Gamecube, you'll be happy you did.

    FFVII is still one of my all-time favs, I have the PC version and once a year I replay it.

    That's about it really.
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    I don’t really have a favorite game, to me games get old really really fast,
    My friend said I have ADHD, he’s kidding but yeah,

    I’ll just list the few games I spent a lot of time on,
    CS/CS:S – I love online competitions, I was in cpl for a while
    HL:2 – its just fun as hell even if the game is short
    BF: 2142 – my new CS
    WoW – I got bored with my mage at lvl 23 but I made a bunch of lvl 60s anyway, got full final tier armor and progressed though guild ranks, I quit after BC came out.
    SC:BW – Old ass game but I could prolly still play this 8 hours a day even now, its what got me in to a gaming addiction
    D2 – Its primitive but shit its still fun now, not really I quit after patch 1.10

    Although I grew up in the early console generation I never really liked console games as much as computer,
    I think the whole online multiplayer is what really got me.
    I don’t play anything anymore, my old Radeon 9800 pro AIW of 6 years died on me.
    I bought a PSP as a temp replacement but its coming to be a disappointment. I’m even more impatient with PSP games.
    3.52 M33 - TA-82 - 4 gb.
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    atari 2600 - pitfall
    NES - caveman games
    SMS - Shinobe
    SNES - Megaman X 1-3, ultimate MK3 : sorry, snes is king, a couple had to be listed. i'm excluding rpgs too, too many to list here.
    Sega Gen. - Mortal Kombat
    Sega Saturn - panzer dragoon
    Sega CD - Earthworm Jim SE
    Dreamcast - power stone 2 or giga wing.
    3D0 - Wolfenstein 3D
    PSX - Legend of Dragoon
    PS2 - Marvel vs. Capcom 2
    XBOX - need for speed: most wanted
    gameboys - pokemon: can't deny it, many hours of my childlife went here.
    gamegear - lion king - f*cking impossible to beat.
    PSP - megaman powered up

    i'm sure i'm leaving some out and there's a bunch of rpg's i like.

    I don't mod much anymore, but I do give good game advice.


    2.82 > 3.03 > GTA:LCS > 1.50 > 3.40oe > 3.52m33 v.4 > me.
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    isnt it
    2.60>2.71>1.5>3.03OE-C>Semibrick>1.5>3.03OE-C>3.40 OE-A>REFLASH>3.40-HALO>1.5>3.40-HALO
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  15. #15 good games to me atleast. 
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    NES: Metroid, Legend Of Zelda
    SNES: Super Metroid, Earthbound, Super Mario RPG, Zelda: LTtP
    N64: Super MArio 64, Starfox, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Zelda:OoT and MM
    PSX: Final Fantasy VII, Warcraft 2: Dark Saga, Metal Gear Solid
    PS2: .hack// games, God of War games, Final Fantasy X and XII,
    XBOX: Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Advent Rising
    Gamecube: Super Smash Bros Melee, MEtroid Prime 1 and 2, Zelda: WW
    xbox 360: Guitar Hero 2, Halo 3 beta (not sure if this would be counted as a game) Gears of War.
    Nintendo Wii: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Trauma Center: Second opinion
    Gameboy Advance: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission, Zelda: MC
    PSP: Spectral Souls, Ratchet & Clank, Metal Slug Antology
    PC: Starcraft, Warcraft 3, Half Life 2
    DS: Phoenix Wright series, Final Fantasy III (the real one)
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